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Unlock the power of search with JIRA 5.2 – Available Today

Enterprise Admins - Be sure to check out 3 Reasons Why Admins Love JIRA 5.2! For anyone using JIRA every day, you already know JIRA's search is incredibly powerful. That said, chances are you're only scratching the surface of what's possible. That's why I'm excited to announce JIRA 5.2. This release introduces a completely re-imagined search experience unlocking the power of JIRA search for you and your team. Download JIRA 5.2 Today Find issues faster

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Webhooks are available in JIRA 5.2 - full details in Unlock the Power of Search with JIRA 5.2. OnDemand customers have already been upgraded. In this article we will explore how a customer service team can resolve requests faster by updating customers of issue progress using SMS. This customer service team uses JIRA and GreenHopper to manage all customer requests, and with the introduction of Webhooks in JIRA 5.2 they have extended their workflow to integrate with a third-party SMS service. Why

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JIRA Webhooks: leave us your URL and we’ll call you back

JIRA 5.0 was a massive (yes, massive) release for the Atlassian ecosystem and everyone building integrations with JIRA. We introduced all sorts of goodies for developers building JIRA plugins, and created new possibilities for remote developers.  For the first time, remote applications could: Fully create and modify JIRA issues with a stable REST API Create links from JIRA issues to their remote application using remote issue links Post activities into the JIRA activity stream with the Activity

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