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What are people saying about Confluence 4.0?

Yesterday we dropped our biggest release to-date, Confluence 4.0. A brand new editor that's brilliantly simple to use, yet packed full of pwerful features, combined with Twitter-like @mentions sets a new standard for content collaboration. So, what's the word on the street about Confluence 4.0?

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Best Way to Set Up Your Wiki

After posting a blog on patterns of wiki adoption, I received a comment from someone with the question where do I start? Rather than post the comment, I thought I would restate the question as its own blog because I think it's an issue that lots of people will have. First, there was the question of what does one mean by start—encourage users to adopt the wiki, or how to organise the wiki? The response came back as follows: I mean how do I start to organize the wiki using Confluence. I have set

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