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Comparing SharePoint to Confluence?

Last week Martin Seibert at Seibert Media wrote an interesting blog post where he evaluated SharePoint as an enterprise wiki. He posed the question, is SharePoint really a good alternative to a fully developed company wiki? He draws his conclusion early and then presents a list of compelling arguments as to why SharePoint is not a good wiki alternative. He cites many feature-specific examples like it cannot be implemented as a an extranet wiki because it only supports Internet Explorer. Martin's

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How Wikis Create an Opt-In Culture

Stewart Mader was kind enough to let me post on his blog today. In the post I explore the concept of an opt-in corporate culture and how an enterprise wiki is integral to achieving an opt-in culture. Here's a tiny snippet: ...In an opt-in culture, employees contribute to conversations where they gain the most satisfaction and have the largest impact. They look beyond their tiny fiefdoms and seek out situations where they can add value and offer their expertise. Throughout the post I cite numerous

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Confluence Teams up with Widgetbox

We are pleased to announce the availabilty of Widget Connector 1.2 for Confluence which adds support for Widgetbox. Widgetbox is the web's largest widget community with tens of thousands of widget developers and a gallery of over 117,000 widgets. With this latest release of the Widget Connector, Confluence users can quickly add any of Widgetbox's 117,000 widgets to their Confluence wiki page, Confluence blog post or Confluence personal space. Giles Goodwin, Widgetbox's Co-founder and Chief Technology

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{Cornify} your Confluence

Once in a generation, there comes along a technology that revolutionizes the way we work, the way we play, the way we see the world. No it's not the iPod, not the iPhone, not iAnything. Of course I'm talking about Cornify, a new service that offers unicorns & rainbows on-demand. Atlassian wholeheartedly embraces the web way of working so we'll be damned if we're left behind by this quantum leap in the web's evolution. That's why we integrated Confluence, the world's most popular enterprise wiki

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Confluence Team Hosted now with Balsamiq Mockups

January-09 is turning out to be the month of Confluence Team Hosted. Since we announced a $49/mo pricing tier earlier this month, our daily signup rate has doubled. Today we have more news to share with you... effective immediately, all Confluence Team Hosted customers get Balsamiq mockups bundled for free with their wiki. Balsamiq also announced the news on its company blog. About Balsamiq Balsamiq mockups are an essential tool for any developer, web designer, product manager, IT manager or marketer

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